Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter in Denmark

The days are still short and night falls around 16:00.

But the garden around our farm is nicely illuminated.

A quick look through the kitchen window...

Our neighbours have decorated their houses as well...

our drive way is nicely illuminated...

and even the entrance looks acceptable, even though we haven't finished building it yet...

a view from inside the yard...

decorations in one of the guest rooms...

and candlelight dinner in the dining room...

next to an open fire!

We've been lucky this year, Christmas was really white and beautiful

and even in the new year the magic continues.
You can find two songs which bring over the spirit of winter-magic here:

Below you see one of the guest rooms...

And finally the place where i sew all the curtains: in the kitchen!
And by the way, sewing is absolutely not my favorite occupation, but it's nice to see the finished product and to get it just the way you want it!


  1. Hi Sarah, Glad to see your post! It looks absolutely beautiful there. We only had a sciff of snow but sure is cold! What kind is your sewing machine? I have had a Singer for 31 yrs (since we were married) but last fall I got a Janome so I could do maching quilting if my hands give out. I am sooo looking forward to sewing again and one of the first things will be making over my livingroom curtains. I love the look of yours!

  2. Such beautiful photos Sarah dear, the window pics look warm and inviting, so too the extior illumination and your lovely interior candle table decorations.
    You have done really well with your curtains and valances, sewing is not something I enjoy either, it really tests my patience but as you say the finished item gives you a sense of achievement.
    Happy New Year dear Sarah, I hope you have a wonderful 2010. xo ♡

  3. Pretty pictures, in the dark. Everything looks beautiful.

    It's 10 past 4 in the morning and I'm enjoying the light on our Christmas tree and the quiet. Happy New Year, Sarah Sofia!

  4. Sarah, i agreed with Rita, everything look pretty although in the dark! Your house really beautiful in my eyes! Beautiful inside and outside...

    Happy New Year 2010 and hope this year will be a blessing year for you and your family!


  5. Hello.
    Im sitting her in my house and Im frezeeng.
    Its almost 30 degres cold outside my windows.Indoors we have 17 degres. Its cold for my feet on the floor.
    Im hoping the car wil start tonight when my husband is going for work. You know, the mail must go.
    Hes working in the norwegian post. So he drives a lorry to Oslo from Kongsvinger to night. I think I might go whit him. Its warmer in the car then it is at home.

    Your pictures are so nice. Its just a place where I would like to celebreight christmas.

    I whis you all the best for 2010 my friend.
    Hugs from Synnöve.

  6. Hei igjen.
    Om du skriver på engelsk eller dansk spiller ingen rolle. Skjönner både dansk og engelsk.
    Men lurer litt på om du liker best at eg skriver på engelsk eller svensk/norsk. Kan dessverre ikke skrive på dansk, selv om eg synsest språker er flott.

    Ikke så kaldt idag. kun 15 minus. Det er vårvarme det hihi...
    Klems Synnöve.

  7. Hi Sofia, I just read your comment and yes I still have the article. If you can get The Times it's in the 20th of this month. I am also sure you can read it online. Give it a go. It is a very sad read. Or else E-mail me on and give me your address and I can send it to you.

  8. Sofia, Jim has left you a link on my blog