Friday, January 30, 2009

Breakfast has to be an enjoyment!

Breakfast has to be an enjoyment!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Art and culture

Maribo is a small, cosy town located on the island of Lolland, about half an hour south of us.

There you can also find this old museum, showing you the livestyle that the danish population used to have in the Country side, several centuries ago.

But Denmark has also got more than 6000 km of coastline and so it's not difficult to find some beautiful beaches or a nice marina like this one in Korsør...

Having written about the ice hotel in other postings, they have exported their success into different cities. Copenhagen is one of them, where you can find an ice bar:

Art: an interesting Danish sculptor:

Classic charter: Do you fancy a trip with a schoner or another classic ship? have a look here:

Hunting is something, many people in the country do, but there is one very special event that takes place only once a year, north of Copenhagen: Hubertusjagd in Dyreparken:

And there is somebody watching over you, when night falls in Copenhagen:

alle photographs: Martin Schiffer, Korsør and Maribo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our surroundings

Our surroundings are beautiful.
This bridge is quite close to us, as a matter of fact you can still just see it from the back of our garden!

This is the coastline of our island.

It is not too far from our home to the island Møn, which is very popular by turists, especially because it's so natural and not at all overrun.

All photographs were taken by Martin Schiffer

Friday, January 16, 2009

Where to find us on the net

You can see pictures of our old gallery, our farm, the Bed&Breakfast and the surroundings on our homepage:
There you will also be able to see that we exhibit the artistic creations of both local and international artists.
I myself am an artist as well and my art is both featured in the main house (where our B&B-guests stay) and in the gallery.
Hower, the new gallery is still under renovation, so it will be a few months, before it will re-open.
Still Bed&Breakfast-guests are welcome any time, just call: 0045 - 64 80 14 18

One of the many different pictures we exhibit, are photographs - like this one - taken north of the polar circle.

Christmas time

The farm is always decorated in a creative, but traditional manner.

A small Scandinavian breakfast: finnish and swedish bread, swedish and danish cheeses, salmon from Lapland, swedish honey-roasted Christmas-ham and different swedish jams.
"Julmust" is a drink that Swedish children enjoy for Christmas

Dining in style!

I have found this piece on a fleamarket and draped it with different flower garlands and silver stars.
We usually have the stove on in winter and it is also frequently used for a barbecue!

The chandellier came from IKEA, but was damaged/had lots of crystals missing. So I had to use my imagination and turned it into a piece of art instead.

The dining-room

This is the heart of our Bed&Breakfast and the place which makes everybody wonder about the history of the farm and whisper: "Just how rich has the farmer been, who once build those buildings...?".