Saturday, April 24, 2010

Evening glow ¤¤¤ ABENDROT

The sun is about to go down...

And since I'm just about to go out and work on the farm again, I thought, I'd just quickly leave you with a couple of words the local mayor wrote into our guestbook, when we moved from Funen to where we are now. He really wasn't very happy to see us leave and close down the gallery there and one day he came and said: "Now I've finally accepted that you are actually leaving..." Anyways he was (is) a really sweet guy and this is what he had written into the guest book:

"Dear Sarah Sofia and family!

Thanks for really cozy and nice talk during my visit here!

Thank you as well for your initiative of starting the gallery with all these great exhibitions.

It has been a great and positive contribution for the cultural life here on North-Funen.

I am very sad, that you have to leave us now, but I hope, you you will do well where you're moving to and I wish you all the best for the future.

lots of "good greetings" (a heartfelt greeting) to the entire family
Erik Hansen,
Søndersø Kommune

A very sweet gentleman, isn't he?!
Well, I guess we will just have to honor his wishes and see to that "Gallery Granborg Gaard" will become even nicer and an even bigger success than the gallery we had to close on Funen!

Here is some of the art which we were featuring in our gallery on Funen and which we will show in Gallery Granborg Gaard again, once it's fully renovated: DRAWINGS

These drawings are actually book-illustrations...


These are modern acrylic paintings, however the gallery features all kinds of art also classic and antique items!

Some of the art is created by Sarah Sofia Granborg, but over the years we have had many different artists who have exhibited in our gallery!

and also CHINA, sculptures and many different other artistic pieces!

I thought, I'd also show you this picture:
It was taken from the roof, overlooking the roof of the barns and shows just how close we are to the sea!


  1. Great artwork.
    I can understand why the mayor hated to see you leave the town.
    How wonderful to be so close to the sea !

  2. Nice pictuers.
    I like them verry much.

    Its nice to recive so many nuce words from a person.
    Il understand wy he didt want you to move.

    Hope you are alrtight.
    Hugs Synnöve.

  3. WOWSERS!Lovely paintings and illustrations!
    Sarah Sofia Ganborg--you (and your fellow-artists)are so talented! :)

  4. Such beautiful place you live in! The dishes below look delicious.

  5. I enjoyed op looking at this blog gallery


  6. Hi Sarah Sofia! Okay I'm impressed and by many things here so again I will just say "you know" i hope all is well with you all and take it easy!

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Nice blog gallery. That's why the mayor don't want you to closed in Funen! Wish you success in new art gallery!

    Hugs to you from Jenny ;~)

  8. thanks everyone for commenting! haven't had much time on the net, due to the renovations! but the good news is: the gallery is going to open this week!!!