Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elsinore Slot ### The Castle of Elsinore ### Helsingør Slot/Schloss

Facing west:

You guys all know the story of Hamlet, right?!
Well Börn Afzelius has a slightly different version:
This is one of the most beautiful, passionate Scandinavian folk-pieces!

Facing north-west:

Those pics were taken a few days ago - on the ferry between Helsingborg (Sweden) and Helsingør (Elsinore, DK)

Facing south-west:

Rosenborg-slot (Elsinore castle)
and shortly afterwards we're about to dock


  1. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you have been keeping busy. Glad to see your posts again!

  2. Wow! Really beautiful pictures from ferry, Sarah! Glad you found the time to travel although you busy with your B&B...Must really enjoyed your travel...

    Happy Saturday!

    hugs Jenny;~))

  3. Hello, Sarah! I'm glad that you're still here!

    I love castles myself.