Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Art and culture

Maribo is a small, cosy town located on the island of Lolland, about half an hour south of us.

There you can also find this old museum, showing you the livestyle that the danish population used to have in the Country side, several centuries ago.

But Denmark has also got more than 6000 km of coastline and so it's not difficult to find some beautiful beaches or a nice marina like this one in Korsør...

Having written about the ice hotel in other postings, they have exported their success into different cities. Copenhagen is one of them, where you can find an ice bar:

Art: an interesting Danish sculptor:

Classic charter: Do you fancy a trip with a schoner or another classic ship? have a look here:

Hunting is something, many people in the country do, but there is one very special event that takes place only once a year, north of Copenhagen: Hubertusjagd in Dyreparken:

And there is somebody watching over you, when night falls in Copenhagen:

alle photographs: Martin Schiffer, Korsør and Maribo


  1. Hallo Sarah Sofia,
    wir sind in der Woche nach Ostern in Norddeutschland und wollen ein wenig entlang der dänischen Ostseeküste hochfahren....kennst Du diese Gegend??
    Das kleine Cottage ist zum Verlieben schön!!!

  2. Hallo Sarah Sofia,
    wenn das nicht gemütlich ist.... einfach klasse.
    Liebe Grüße Chrissi

  3. Liebe Iris,
    Ja, wir wohnen tatsächlich an den dänischen Ostküste! Du kannst mir eine Mail schicken: lifestylers@mail.dk oder mich anrufen: 0045-64 80 14 18, wenn du Informationen brauchst, oder Übernachtung oder einfach zum Spass an der freud vorbeikommen willst!
    Alles Liebe, sarah sofia

  4. Danke für dein, wie immer so luiebenswürdiges Kompliment, liebe Chrissi!
    viele grüsse, sarah sofia

  5. Beautiful place and I love the furniture too-I have to admit I have not watched Northern Exposure - It was filmed near Seattle Washington. Our moose are much bigger I heard the one in the show was malnourished. Moose need huge amounts of protein and they actually are more of a grazing animal. They love willow trees and berries for sure they ate all mine