Friday, January 16, 2009

Where to find us on the net

You can see pictures of our old gallery, our farm, the Bed&Breakfast and the surroundings on our homepage:
There you will also be able to see that we exhibit the artistic creations of both local and international artists.
I myself am an artist as well and my art is both featured in the main house (where our B&B-guests stay) and in the gallery.
Hower, the new gallery is still under renovation, so it will be a few months, before it will re-open.
Still Bed&Breakfast-guests are welcome any time, just call: 0045 - 64 80 14 18

One of the many different pictures we exhibit, are photographs - like this one - taken north of the polar circle.


  1. Sarah - You're an artist & run a B&B?!?! You are living my dreams! What a delight to meet you! My husband travels often to Copenhagen for work... and we've traveled to a few of the islands in Denmark! Next time we're up your way we'll have to visit your B&B!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and nice to meet you!! All the best,
    Toma, aka, The Antiques Diva

  2. Dear Thoma,
    thanks for your kind comments! Well to be honest, I don't know, how much of a dream my life really is... to tell you the truth, I have lived life the hard way and (much like you!) I've moved countless times and on all the houses we have renovated, I have definitedly done my share of physically hard work! But it is much better than a "normal" life, that is definitely true; I never would be able to do a standard office job from 9 to 5 every day, though I truly admire people who can pull that off!

    Nice, that you seem to know DK quite well!
    Of course you are welcome to stay at our B&B, but I have to tell you, that we are currently in a more complex renovation stage, so if you could give us a 24-hour warning before comming, it would be much appreciated!

    Looking forward to meeting you again, either on your blog or on mine... and I will soon post something about antiques and houses in my "Living in Scandinavia"-blog, that should delight the antiques-diva in you!
    love, Sarah Sofia