Sunday, February 22, 2009

The BIGGEST snowman ever!

This picture shows the snowman our boys built with the neighbours' kids this weekend against the background of our neighbours' farm, right by the entrance of our drive.
Mark says it's the biggest ever, more than two metres tall!


  1. Great job how cute is that awwwwww!We also have a snowman in Anchorage who made US. news as largest snowman in Us. he stood 20 or so feet tall.You may find the story online. The snowman's name is Snowzilla.I have visited the big guy twice .

  2. ... in der Tat, ein ziemlicher Bursche! Wem sieht er denn am ähnlichsten??? J-M, M., D. oder gar K (hubby)??? Nun mir wohl nicht, obwohl... er trägt ja so etwas wie ein Tuch um den runden Hals..


  3. Oh...den seh ich ja jetzt erst. Der ist sicher schon dahingeschmolzen. Der arme, arme Schneemann. So schön sah er aus. Nächstes Jahr komms'te wieder. ;o)
    Liebe grüße Chrissi

  4. WOW!! I love your "Living In Scandinavia" Blog, too!
    Be sure to click on Lisa Allender Writes, and scroll down to "Blogger Friendship Award" in two posts--there's something there, that directly affects YOU!!
    Peace, woman.