Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Danish Countryside in Winter

View from our yard onto our neighbour's farm.

Our pond in the back of the garden.

The tiny houses on the horizon are our neighbours and behind the hill is the sea.

The deck chairs are waiting for warmer days...

The garden has an areal of a little more than 10.000 m2 and there are many cosy corners where one can enjoy the sun and the fresh air. Our farm is located on the island of Falster, all connected with bridges, both in the north (approx. an hour to Copenhagen) and in the south (Lolland and it's half an hour to the ship which sails to Germany).


  1. you have lovely shots. congratulations! i love it.

  2. Hello.
    Thank you for your nice comment in my blogg.
    I am verry glad you enjoy it.

    When I see the picturers here Iv got an urge for a trip to Denmark. We have only been in Copenhagen. And only for a few hours. Went by boat from Oslo.
    Its a nice trip, but sometimes you want to see a bit moore of the country.

    Hope you have a verry nice Valentinesday.

    Hugs from Norway.

  3. Hi SSG, Thank you for visiting my blog. I looked at Living in Scandinavia, your other blog--very neat!
    Love the B & B idea, here!Makes me wanna visit ya'll!(you all, a common "contraction" here in the Southern-USA)
    Headed to your healthier living site, now.

  4. your bed and breakfast looks so quaint, cozy and warm.
    wonderful place !